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The Cook County Code of Ordinances are the current laws of Cook County.


Search current and proposed Cook County Legislation in Larry's exclusive legislative library.

  Cook County is the second most populous county in the nation. It is the 19th largest government in the U.S.


Legislative Library

On July 12, 2006, the Cook County Board of Commissioners codified it’s Code of Ordinances and placed them on the internet. The Cook County Code can be accessed here:

In 1988, the Cook County Forest Preserve District Board of Commissioners codified it’s Code of Ordinances. That Code was republished in 2009 and placed them on the internet. The Forest Preserve District of Cook County Code can be accessed here:

For legislation that is pending before the Cook County and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County Boards of Commissioners, please visit the Cook County Secretary of the Board’s website:

The Suffredin legislative library is an index of Cook County Board and Forest Preserve District legislation that has been introduced since I took office. Because Cook County has no online record of legislation, I have created this page on my website to provide this information to the general public.

The legislative library provides the unique advantage of detailing legislation that is currently in the legislative process. This enables constituents to take part in the process of shaping the laws, rather than simply reacting to laws that have already been passed.

The Cook County Board and Forest Preserve District of Cook County are seperate legal entities and each have their own legislation.

Please use the search bar to the right to find legislation. Click the tab on the top to choose the approriate legal body.

Latest Activity:

Cook County Board
Forest Preserve District

Comm. #302613 | Ord. #09-O-73
This ordinance amends Cook County Code Chapter 2, Section 2-580, 2-633, 2-634. The amendment prohibits former County officials or employees, for a period of one year, to lobby Cook County...

Comm. #301826 | Ord. #09-O-66
Amendment to the Cook County Zoning Ordinance Regarding Parking of Commercial Vehicles, Residential Districts
This ordinance amends existing Cook County Zoning ordinance regulating the parking of commercial vehicles in unincorporated Cook County. Amendment introduces special provisions that allow commercial vehicles to be parked in...

Comm. #302411 | Ord. #09-O-72
This ordinance amends Chaper 58 Offenses and Miscellaneous Provisions, Section 58-161 of the Cook County Code. This amendment expands on the definition of "place of public resort" to include licensed fraternal,...

| Ord. #09-O-71
This ordinance amends Chapter 2 Administration, Article IV Officers and Employees, Division 5 Inspector General, Section 2-284 of the Cook County Code. It provides additional fuctions, authority, and powers to...

| Ord. #09-O-69
This ordinance establishes the Cook County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) as the County's disaster management department. The duties of the Coordinator, functions of the Department, and...

Amendment to the Forest Preserve District of Cook County's Land Use Policy
Ordinance to require a report from FPD staff on any proposed transfer, sale, easement or us of FPD land prior to Board action on such request.

Ordinance Prohibiting the Use of Nylon Meshing in the Forest Preserves
Prohibits the use of nylon meshing, ordinarily used for the protection of new plants, in the forest preserves.  Intended to prevent the accidental ingestion of nylon mesh by animals in...

The Levy of Taxes for 2009
Funds the Forest Preserve for 2009.

Nonprofit Organization Reduced Rate
Ordinance to allow certain nonprofit organizations to pay a reduced rate for Special Use Permits.

An Ordinance Prohibiting Elected Officials of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County from Including Their Name on County Owned Signs and Vehicles
Ordinance to prohibit the names of elected officials from appearing on District owned signs and vehicles.


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