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Nonprofit Organization Reduced Rate

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Date Introduced: 10/2/2008
Date Passed:

Daley, Stroger-Todd
Butler, Claypool, Collins, Gorman, Goslin, Murphy, Schneider, Silvestri


Ordinance to allow certain nonprofit organizations to pay a reduced rate for Special Use Permits.

Activity Log:

Referred to FPD Finance Committee.

Full Text of Legislation:

WHEREAS the Forest Preserve District of Cook County designates a portion of its land holdings for recreational use, including picnics and similar outdoor gatherings, and


WHEREAS as a public agency, the Forest Preserve District of Cook County is committed to providing access to its recreational areas at no additional cost to the public, or in the case of large organized events, at a modest cost that is affordable to all, and


WHEREAS the Forest Preserve District of Cook County makes its picnic groves available for special events hosted by non-profit organizations, including charitable, educational, civic, youth, and faith-based groups,  and


WHEREAS these groups are often called upon to organize special events for their membership with limited resources and modest budgets, and


WHEREAS it is the desire of the Board of Commissioners of the Cook County Forest Preserve District to assist nonprofit community groups in defraying the cost of providing their members with special events in an outdoor setting, now therefore


BE IT ORDAINED, by the Board of Commissioners of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, that the fee schedule for large special events/special activities (Category W, Category X, Category Y, Category Z) be amended, as follows:




1) For any Special Use Permit for a special event or special activity (excluding special activity field permits) with participation in excess of 25 persons, or requested in conjunction with an event under Category W, Category X, Category Y, Category Z of the Fee Schedule, the total of all applicable fees as calculated by the Recreation Department of the Forest Preserve District shall be reduced by 50%, when the applicant is a bona fide nonprofit organization, residing in the County of Cook.


2) A bona fide nonprofit organization is one which is engaged in charitable, educational, civic, youth, and faith-based activities. For purposes of qualifying for the Nonprofit Organization Reduced Rate, an applicant must submit proof of the following:


a) exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code;


b) current registration with the Illinois Attorney General as a charitable organization;


c) the location of the official headquarters or administrative office of the organization submitting the request for said permit is located in the County of Cook and is the same as that which was submitted for exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


3) Notwithstanding any other published deadlines, all applications for Reduced Rate Special Use Permits must be received by the Recreation Department no less than 45 days prior to the date of the Special Event or Activity. All applications for Reduced Rate Permits must be submitted in person.


4) Vending of food or merchandise is not allowed under Reduced Rate Special Use Permits. All permits for events that include vending and/or sale of food or merchandise shall be charged at the full rate.


5) Special Activity Field Permits are not eligible for Reduced Rate Permit Fees.


6) REPEALER: the following provision, as noted in stricken text, upon adoption of this proposed ordinance, is hereby repealed from the Fee Schedule:


The vending fee may be waived for charitable organizations the have net assets of $10,000 or less. To receive a waiver, the charitable organization must present proof of registration with the Illinois Attorney Generalís office as a charitable organization, and a balance statement of the previous year verifying its assets at the time of application of the permit.


8) Effective Date: This ordinance takes effect January 1, 2009.


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