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Date Introduced: 3/20/2007
Date Passed:

Daley, Goslin, Murphy, Silvestri, Sims, Steele-Robert, Stroger-Todd


Ordinance to allow employees of Cook County to work as election day workers.

Activity Log:

President Stroger, Chairman Daley, Commissioners Goslin, Murphy, Silvestri, Sims and Steele added as co-sponsors.

Full Text of Legislation:






WHEREAS, conducting fair and impartial elections is one of the most important functions of government to insure confidence in and the integrity of the democratic process; and


WHEREAS, elections within Cook County, excluding that portion of those elections which is conducted within the City of Chicago, (“suburban elections”) are the responsibility of the Cook County Clerk; and


WHEREAS, suburban elections are conducted at polling places for each election precinct which are under the supervision of Election Judges appointed by the Cook County Clerk; and


WHEREAS, in accordance with the federal Help America Vote Act (“HAVA”), the Cook County Clerk implemented new voting equipment (“System”) beginning with the March 21, 2006 primary election; and


WHEREAS, in 2006, the County Board approved a pilot program to recruit, train and assign 100 employees working within Cook County government to serve as technical assistants for the March 21, 2006 primary and the November 7, 2006 General Election; and


WHEREAS, the Clerk, the President and the Board view this Pilot Program as a cost effective and reliable solution to deploy trained Cook County employees to provide Election Day assistance on behalf of the Clerk on Election Day and now desire to implement this solution on a permanent basis.


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED, by the Cook County Board of Commissioners that Chapter 22, Section 22-1 is hereby enacted as follows:


Sec. 22-1.  Cook County Employees as Election Day Workers Program.


(a)        Employees as Election Day Workers Program Established.  The County of Cook, in conjunction with the Cook County Clerk’s Office and the President’s Office and with the voluntary cooperation of the elected officials comprising County government, will continue the program to recruit, train and assign employees working within Cook County government to serve as equipment managers, election judges or other election day workers (“Election Day Workers”) for elections conducted by the Office of the Cook County Clerk.


(b)        Compensation and Training of County Employees as Election Day WorkersCook County employees who qualify for, are selected and agree to participate as Election Day Workers must attend all required training prior to Election Day.  If they successfully complete this training workshop, Election Day Workers shall be excused from their regular work assignment with the permission of the chief executive of their department, agency or bureau on Election Day to provide assistance in suburban Cook County.  In addition to their regular salaries, these Election Day Workers will receive either overtime pay or a stipend payment, the amount of which shall depend on the specific work assignment, to compensate them for hours worked beyond a normal eight hour day for each suburban election worked. Such compensation shall be paid only from funds available to the Clerk of Cook County in funds 524-129 Seasonal Employees or 524-133 Per Diem Employees.


(c)        Implementation.  The Cook County Clerk’s Office, the President’s Office and the Cook County elected officials who voluntarily participate in this Program shall enter into an interagency agreement setting forth the details of their participation in the Program for each election.


(d)        Effective Date.  This Ordinance shall go into effect immediately upon passage by the Cook County Board of Commissioners.



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