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Date Introduced: 11/3/2004
Date Passed:

Butler, Claypool, Collins, Daley, Gorman, Goslin, Hansen, Maldonado, Moreno, Murphy, Peraica, Quigley, Silvestri, Sims, Steele, Stroger, Suffredin


Permanent real estate index maps representing all parcels in Cook County for purposes of real estate taxation are available from the Clerk’s office in two forms. The first map, which depicts the County with boundaries of the political townships and other features, is available for $10.00.  The second map, which represents 80 acres and is a single page of the real estate tax map books, is available for $5.00.

Full Text of Legislation:

WHEREAS, the Clerk of Cook County maintains the Cook County permanent real estate index numbering system maps (“ Tax Maps”) representing all parcels in Cook County for the purposes of real estate taxation; and,


WHEREAS, these Tax Maps, previously maintained on mylar transparencies, are now being updated and maintained by County Clerk staff in a computerized format, through the tools provided by the County Geographic Information System; and


WHEREAS, the County Board in Ordinance 91-O-59 provided for a fee for photographing the mylars so that they could be made available to the public and commercial users interested in copying the mylars; and


WHEREAS, the mylars are being replaced by an imaged set of Tax Maps, which contain exactly the same information previously available to commercial users in the form of the mylar transparencies; and


WHEREAS, the imaged County Tax Maps are a “read-only” picture of the County Tax Maps in a digital format and do not represent the fully accessible Geographic Information System still under development by the County; and


WHEREAS, the Cook County Board of Commissions desires to establish fair and reasonable access to the complete set of Tax Maps in an imaged “read-only” digital format for commercial users who no longer will have access to the mylars; and


WHEREAS, the County asserts copyright protection for the Imaged Cook County Tax Maps.




Section 1.  Definitions:  The following terms used in this ordinance shall have the meanings set forth below:


            a.  “Imaged Cook County Tax Maps”: means a “read-only” copy of an imaged set of the complete County Tax Maps as finalized by the County Clerk for a particular tax year and depicting the boundaries of all parcels for that year.


            b.  “read-only”: means the product can be viewed but not changed or altered.


            c.  “commercial user” means any person seeking County real estate tax maps for the purpose of furthering a commercial enterprise.


Section 2.  The Imaged Cook County Tax Maps shall be made available at the Base fee of $30,000.00 for each set for the particular tax year available at the time of the request, payable in advance by cash, money order or certified or cashier’s check made payable to the Clerk of Cook County.


Section 3.  The Office of the Cook County Clerk may provide the imaged copy of the County Tax Maps in any commonly accepted digital format and medium, as selected by the County Clerk


Section 4.  The Cook County Clerk shall include language in any Imaged Cook County Tax Map application whereby the applicant agrees that the Tax Maps are subject to the County copyright and that re-sale, transfer, copying and/or use by other than the applicant is prohibited and subject to penalties provided by law.


Section 5.  Notwithstanding the prohibitions stated in Section 4, an applicant may apply for and the County Clerk may issue a non-exclusive license allowing the applicant to re-sell, transfer, copy and otherwise use the Imaged Cook County Tax Maps.  An Additional license fee is imposed in the amount of five (5 %) percent of the gross receipts received by the applicant from any such re-sale, copy, transfer or other use of the Imaged Cook County Tax Maps. An applicant who paid the Base fee shall be entitled to a maximum credit of $20,000.00 against any liability for the Additional fee.


Section 6.  It shall be the duty of the County Clerk to collect and receive for the County’s general fund the license fees imposed by this ordinance.  The County Clerk shall adopt, promulgate and enforce rules and regulations not inconsistent with this ordinance relating to the administration and enforcement of the provisions of this ordinance. Such rules and regulations shall be consistent with the provisions of this ordinance designed to promote fairness. The Cook County Auditor is hereby authorized to examine the books, papers and records of any licensee during regular business hours in order to ascertain the license fee imposed by this ordinance.


Section 7.  This ordinance shall be effective upon its passage by the Cook County Board of Commissioners.


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