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Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin Calls Meeting to Appoint New Metra Board Member

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Special to
by Larry Suffredin

The following meeting notice was sent to the Secretary to the Cook County Board of Commissioners:


To:       Matthew DeLeon, Secretary to the Board  

From:   Commissioner Larry Suffredin  

Date:   September 11, 2013  

Re:       Notice for a Meeting of Designated Cook County Commissioners Pursuant to 70 ILCS 3516/3.01 for METRA Board Vacancy from Evanston, Leyden, New Trier, Niles, Norwood Park, Maine, Oak Park, and River Forest Townships.  


Please notice a meeting of the Designated Cook County Commissioners, pursuant to 70 ILCS 3516/3.01, for Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 1:00 p.m. with the following agenda:  

·         Appointment of temporary Committee Chair

·         Approval of Committee Rules of Organization and Procedure (see attached)

·         Appointment of a permanent Committee Chair and Secretary

·         Interview of METRA Board Member Candidates

·         Vote on approval of METRA Board Member  

If you have any questions, I can be reached at 312-603-6383.  

Thank you.    

Cc:       Commissioner Earlean Collins, Commissioner Gregg Goslin, Commissioner Elizabeth Gorman, Commissioner Peter Silvestri, Commissioner Jeffrey Tobolski            





It is the purpose of these Rules:  

(a)  to provide appropriate procedures and organization for the Cook County Commissioners of Northfield, New Trier, Maine, Niles, Evanston, Leyden, Norwood Park, River Forest, and Oak Park townships to fulfill their power to appoint Metra Board Members, pursuant to 70 ILCS 3615/3B.02(b)(7)(iii), in an orderly and efficient manner;  

 (b)  to promote openness and maximize participation in the business and affairs of this selection process and this Committee; and  

(c)  all meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act, 5 ILCS 120/1 et seq.  



 1-1.      Chair  

(a)                The Chair of the Selection Committee for the appointment of Director positions for the Metra Board of Directors shall be appointed by a weighted vote majority of Cook County Commissioners who are eligible to vote on an appointment to the Commuter Rail Division of the Regional Transportation Authority pursuant to 70 ILCS 3615/3B.02(b)(7)(iii).  

(b)  It shall be the duty of the Chair to preside at all meetings of the Committee and to see that the rules and regulations of the Committee are complied with and enforced.  The Chair shall preserve order and decorum; shall decide all questions of order, subject, however, to an appeal from his or her decision; and shall generally perform the duties of a presiding officer.  In the absence of the Chair, the Secretary shall preside at meetings of the Committee.    

 1-2.      Secretary  

(a)  The Secretary of the Committee shall be appointed by a weighted vote majority of Cook County Commissioners who are eligible to vote on an appointment to the Commuter Rail Division of the Regional Transportation Authority pursuant to 70 ILCS 3615/3B.02(b)(7)(iii).  

(b)  It shall be the duty of the Secretary to issue notice of the Committee meetings, in accordance with applicable laws, and to keep written minutes of all the Committee meetings, whether open or closed.  Such minutes shall include, but need not be limited to:              

        (i)  the date, time and place of the meeting;            

        (ii)  the members of the Committee recorded as either present or absent; and

        (iii)  a summary of discussion on all matters proposed, deliberated, or decided and a record of any votes taken.    The Secretary shall make the minutes of meetings open to the public for public inspection within 7 days of the approval of such minutes by the Committee.   It shall be the duty of the Secretary to prepare all agendas for meeting of the Committee.  

 1-3.      Term  

The Chair and the Secretary of the Committee shall serve until the Committee appoints a new Chair or Secretary by a weighted vote majority of the Committee.    

1-4.      Adoption of Rules              

The Committee shall adopt rules of organization and procedure setting forth rules.  The Rules of Organization and Procedure shall be adopted by a weighted vote majority of the Committee, and may be amended by a weighted vote majority of Committee members.    



 2-1.      Meetings               The Committee shall hold meetings as needed in order to appoint directors to represent suburban Cook County to the Metra Board of Directors prior to the end of the designated terms of such board members.  Any member of the Committee may call a meeting of the Committee and direct the Secretary to give adequate notice of the meeting to members of the Committee and the public.              

The purpose of the meetings shall be to review the qualifications of candidates for the Metra Board of Directors and appoint members to the vacant positions on such boards.  

 2-2.      Quorum and Majority of Votes A weighted vote majority of Cook County Commissioners who are eligible to vote on an appointment to the Commuter Rail Division of the Regional Transportation Authority pursuant to 70 ILCS 3615/3B.02(b)(7)(iii) shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the Committee.  All questions shall be determined by a majority vote.  A vote of “present” shall not be counted in determining the number of members voting on a question.  

2-3.      Absence of Quorum              

Should a quorum not be present at any meeting of the Committee, the meeting shall stand adjourned from day to day, to the same hour of each day, until a quorum shall attend.  

2-4.      Robert’s Rules of Order              

The rules of parliamentary practice set forth in the latest edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised” shall govern the Committee in all cases in which they are applicable and not inconsistent with these rules.    



3-1.      Applicability             

The meetings and actions of the Committee shall be governed by these rules.  

3-2.      Effective Date              

These rules shall be in full force and effect upon their adoption, and shall remain in full force and effect except as amended in accordance herewith.  

3-3.      Interpretation              

These rules shall be interpreted and applied to foster the goals and purposes set forth in the preamble to these Rules.  The rules are to be construed in accordance with the customary American usage and meaning of parliamentary terms and expressions and the plain meaning of the ordinary words appearing herein.  In case of ambiguous application, these rules shall be applied in a manner that fosters openness, accountability and fairness in the operation of the Committee.   Approved and adopted this 1st day of October, 2013.   __________________________   Chair of Committee  

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